How To Make Your Home Or Apartment More Environmentally Friendly

This means less energy is used and your home remains a comfortable temperature. Insulation is most important in the walls, floors, and roofs. Adding area rugs and carpets can help trap heat and reduce heating costs. As driving emits pollution, parents should consider alternative ways of getting their children to school.

More vehicles on our roads contributes too, despite an increase in electric car usage. The increasing population means excessive demand for natural resources and agriculture.

  • Solar panels have become more efficient, last longer, and are more repairable thanks to modern technology so don’t be surprised if your solar panels last 25+ years.
  • Many cleaning products contain harmful VOCs, which are bad for the environment as well as your health.
  • Also, consider covering any exposed hardwood floors in southwest area rugs.
  • Solar panels are an example of a renewable energy technology that uses the sun as an energy source.
  • Area rugs are a cost-effective and stylish way to help insulate your home and prevent air from slipping out through the cracks in your floors.
  • Newer homes often have cavity wall insulation installed during construction, but should you live in an older house, this is a cost-effective way to keep your home warm and your emissions low.

Buying second hand or recycled items is also a great way to reduce imports.

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We’re all aware of how serious climate change is, so if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and help do your bit for the environment, your first port of call should be to get your home in order. how to make your home more environmentally friendly While you may not think that making small changes to your property will make much of a difference, making your home greener can help save you money on your energy bills at the end of each month.

“Packaging and other single-use items form a large proportion of the plastic litter leaking to the ocean.” Whether you opt for paper or plastic is irrelevant, so long as you reuse the bags you get from the grocery store. An extensive report from the Environment Agency determined that paper bags must be reused at least thrice to compensate for their environmental effects compared to those of plastic bags. And reusable cotton bags have to be reused at least 131 times to break even with a plastic bag due to the environmental impact of their production. You don’t have to give up paper towels completely, but it’s best to use them sparingly. Of course, you probably don’t have a hand dryer at home, but even using a cotton towel is 48 percent more eco-friendly than drying off with a paper towel. “The simplest and most obvious way to eliminate power losses is to unplug products when not in use,” write the authors ofConsumer Guide to Home Energy Savings – 9th Edition.

If you live in a small space, a tankless electric water heater is perfect because they’re a third of the size of a gas heater. You can get a high-quality electric water heater for as little as $500. Install is way easier too because there’s no other requirements than a sufficient power source in your home. Department of Energy, and use anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less energy than a non-energy efficient equivalent. Sunrun offers solar battery installation along with solar panels for little to no money down, and you can still get those solar tax credits until 2021.

Whether it’s a loft, walls or floors, the better insulated your home, the more likely you are to conserve energy. However, each property may be built differently and can have different EPC ratings, so it’s important to seek expert advice from a qualified surveyor or energy expert on what kind of insulation would be best. So whether you plan to build a new home, own a home already or let a property out, it’s important to have a plan to improve your property’s energy efficiency over the next 5 to 15 years. If they can be accessed from below then mineral wool batts can be inserted between the joists, which is a relatively low-cost option. You could switch to recycled cellulose insulation if you want to boost your eco credentials. If the floor has to be taken up and treated from above, then of course the job gets much more expensive. If you have at least 150mm of mineral wool insulation, there’s probably little to be gained by adding the extra 125mm.

Getting an epoxy garage floor can be cost effective, eco friendly and require less chemicals to clean your garage. There are types of organic Epoxy flooring, formulated with organic resins and natural marble that contain zero solvents. These three well-known principles of waste management will make your office more eco friendly. Offices should set up different containers for different types of products. Use recycling bins for paper, plastic, and soft drink cans, rather than throwing everything out in one bin. A lot of mainstream cleaning products contain various ingredients that are harmful to the environment.

By buying pre-loved goods, we can stop contributing to this negative cycle. But if youdo want to splurge on something new (and one piece won’t hurt), try these15 Killer Style Accessories You Never Knew You Needed. In perhaps the greatest news of all time, energy-saving experts are advisingnotto pre-wash your dishes before throwing them in the dishwasher.

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Sedum Green Roof () supplies the equipment needed, including mats and plant plugs. Neem fertiliser () is a natural alternative, although introducing plants that ladybirds and lacewings love will mean they’ll help to keep those annoying aphids at bay. A garage or a driveway can be the perfect spot for siting a vehicle chargepoint, with Sobriety home charging leading to the greatest financial savings. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme gives eligible car owners up to 75%/£500 off the costs of the chargepoint and its installation. Inevitably, your electricity bill will see a hike, but the Energy Saving Trust notes that savings can be made by switching to cheaper tariffs.

The harsh chemicals within these cleaners have a massively negative impact on the environment, especially when they go into the water supply. When this happens, the water needs to be purified more before it can be used which takes extra energy, plus the chemicals are harmful to the wildlife and fish. There are all sorts of benefits that come with being more eco-friendly. Not only will you help contribute towards a sustainable environment, but you can save money on your bills too. No matter how long you’ve lived in your property, making small eco-friendly changes can help you become more environmentally friendly. If money is no issue and you’re looking to make a serious change, why not consider installing solar panels?

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For more money-saving and eco-friendly laundry hacks, try these20 Ways to Do Laundry in Your Freezer. Forking out half your year’s salary for a Prius isn’t the only way to make your life more eco-friendly. Common household cleaners are very harmful to the environment. The chemicals that are used in most of these products do not have the capability to completely break down in water.

It is good news that many people across the world are becoming more environmentally-conscious. Being more eco-friendly will not only help you contribute to a sustainable environment but it can even save you money. Here are ten ways to improve the mechanical and electrical engineering of your home, and make it a more eco-friendly place. If you have to purchase paper products, opt for recycled brands that are making efforts to protect the environment. Reduce the pollution and make your house environmentally friendly by using a drying rack or clothes line when the weather allows for it.

The chemicals in those ingredients are often toxic in nature and should not be used. Reduce your use of water bottles by filtering your own water at home. It will taste better and prevent you from filling your recycling bin with plastic bottles. You can find all kinds of household goods that look as good as new but are far more environmentally friendly, how to make your home more environmentally friendly as they are made from reused materials. While some households go all out by installing solar panels or other advanced technology, you can also take much simpler, smaller steps to achieve an eco-friendly home and bring down your CO2 emissions. If you’re a foodie and love to cook, the last thing you want to do is throw away tons of excess waste.

Pass On Paper Towels

Try and stick to purchasing products with clear or white plastic packaging when possible. Recyclenow have published a handy guide detailing what each recycling symbol and diagram means. It’ll help to eliminate confusion when it comes to determining how to dispose of certain products – you can’t just throw everything into one bin and be done with it. It may seem as if they’re fully switched off, but leaving appliances on standby uses up more energy than you’d imagine. Turning things off and unplugging them could save you around £30 per year. Appliances can drain energy and cause your bills to skyrocket.

You will still be able to flush with ease and enjoy the user-friendliness of these types of toilets. Contrary to what many people think, there are plenty of ways to make your home renovation an environment-friendly one. That way, you have a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but one that reduces environmental impact.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The higher pressure of the water spreads the stream over a larger area which reduces the amount of water required. Using harmful chemicals to clean is very bad for the environment. When you wash them away you are simply putting them into the water supply. That means water will take more purification before it is safe to use again. But the good news is that in the majority of cases you really don’t need to use them. For most day-to-day cleaning tasks, natural products like vinegar, citric acid from citrus fruits and bicarbonate of soda can be used in place of caustic chemicals to great effect.

America’s second-favorite household petholds the fate of the environment in its claws. If how to make your home more environmentally friendly you do happen to own a cat, make sure it stays inside for every other animal’s sake.

Author: Melissa Carmona

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