May – Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone for May. Astrological sign for cancer and the stone to signify the 55th Wedding Anniversary. It represents a reflection of peace and balance and in ancient times a promise of good luck.

Cleopatra adorned herself with emeralds who reportedly loved this green stone. Green is the colour of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love & Beauty.

Emerald colours range from deep blue green to yellow greens with 3 main sources being Columbia, Brazil & Zambia. Columbia being the largest producers , but mined in many other areas around the world.

Emerald is a much rarer stone than diamond, and its properties differ greatly whereas ‘colour’ is over ‘clarity’. Emerald is known for its inclusions often referred to the ‘Emerald Jardin’.

This beautiful gem is cut in various shapes i.e. round, oval but the ‘Emerald Cut’ is the signature cut (octagon).

We have a full range of loose and made up emerald jewellery in our showroom.

Rare types of emerald include the Columbian ‘traphiche’ distinguishable by its ray like spokes (like a wheel) of dark impurities, of which Wards display 4 such stones.
The rarest of them all is the ‘Red Emerald’ or ‘Red Beryl’. It is reportedly the rarest stone in the world, needless to say we are yet to obtain one for our collection.

Green is the colour of Ireland, as written by the poet Dr Willian Drennan (1754-1820)

When Erin first rose from the dark-swelling flood,
God blessed the green island, he
saw was good.
The Emerald of Europe, it sparkled
and shone.
In the ring of this world, the most
precious stone.