Ruby – July

Ruby – July

Ruby is the birthstone for July, the name derives from the Latin word ‘ruber’ which means ‘red’, it represents luck & happiness, success & good fortune, but its deep red colour possess emotions of love & passion. Ruby also commemorates 40 years of marriage.

One of the advantages of using Ruby in jewellery is its hardness having a hardness of 9, which makes this gem perfect for everyday wearing. Our showroom has fine examples of ruby rings, pendants, earrings & bracelets.

The deep red colours of ruby are described as ‘Blood Red’ & ‘ Pigeon Blood’ these colours are highly sought after and command a high price. Burma (Myanmar) rubes are some of the best known, an area which has produced some exceptional stones, other main supply locations are India & Africa, while Sri Lankan Rubies are often pinker, lighter pinks are termed ‘pink sapphires’.

The first reported movement of Ruby was around 200BC from North China, a country that holds Ruby in high esteem as red is considered lucky.

In the Bible it’s mentioned 4 times, ruby was referred to as the ‘most’ precious of the 12 stones created by God.

Some famous rubies from around the world,
“The Sunrise Ruby”
The most expensive ruby, most expensive coloured gemstone & most expensive gemstone other than diamond.
This Burmese ‘Pigeon Blood’ ruby was mined in Myanmar and weigh’s 25.29 carats. This beautiful gem was mounted by Cartier into a 3 stone ring with 2 diamonds.

Its name derives from a poem by 13th Century Sufi poet Rumi “I’m like a ruby held up to the sunrise, Is it a stone, or a world of redness?”

“The Liberty Bell”
The worlds largest ruby ever mined, discovered in Africa in the 1950s and weighs 8500 carats. It was sculptured into a miniature Liberty Bell and set with 50 diamonds in 1976. Unfortunately, this piece was stolen in 2011 with little hope of ever being found.

“Elizabeth Taylor”
In 2011 Elizabeth Taylors Jewellery was auctioned by Christie’s, New York. One particular ring was set with an 8.24-carat cushion Burmese ruby, the stone broke all records at that time for “price per carat”, it was sold for $512,925 pct making its value worth more than $4million.

“The Crown Jewels Rubies” (That aren’t rubies at all).
The Crown Jewels have 2 famous “rubies”.

“The Black Prince”
A large uneven cabochon of 170 carats, set into the Pattee Cross in the Imperial Crown. The gem is one of the oldest Crown Jewels that dates back to the 14th Century given to the English Rulers in 1367 by Edward of Woodstock ‘The Black Prince’.

The other is the ‘Timur Ruby’ – 361 carats of unfaceted gem, a centrepiece in a necklace made for Queen Victoria in 1853.

Up until 1851 these gems were believed to be rubies but were in fact ‘Red Spirels’ a rare red gemstone that we have written about on our ‘other gems’ page.